"She's who I will be going to in the future for any photography"

irlanda + tanner

"Jenn: Made the engagement shoot extremely fun and comfortable. Took exactly the kind of candids we wanted. Ours, and our loved ones personalities come across on the pictures so well! Made even the more formal pictures fun and romantic to take ❤️.... I have a ton of pictures that have beautiful stories attached about what was going on in that moment... Gave us gorgeous sneak peaks the DAY after our wedding!..."

"I couldn’t be happier with the images"

Aaron + mark

"I’ve hired Jenn for a number of events, more recently our engagement photos. She is very professional, a ton of fun to work with, on top of her amazing photography! I couldn’t be happier with the images Jenn is able to capture and I look forward to hiring her again for important occasions in my life and beyond."

pam + ryan

"The whole process was super comfortable, professional and stress free. She kept me organized with her email reminders, incorporated personalized props into our photos (even got some great pics of our cats!) kept me on time for the wedding day activities. The photos themselves are great, it's us but more; laughing but silhouetted by the sunset, hugging but framed by the crowd of loved ones visiting. Love it!!!! Love it all!"

"I would definitely recommend Jenn to anyone wanting to capture some special milestone moments in their life! "

diana + ryan

"She made us feel comfortable during our session to a point where my boyfriend felt like he could be himself, and I agreed wholeheartedly. Jenn has little games and activities for you to do and think about while she captures you, and I think this is so unique. What I love most about our new photos is everything..." 

 "I highly recommend her for your photography needs!
Thanks for everything, Jenn!"

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