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Interior Design Photography & Creative Projects

You're likely a designer... or you work/play in the world of design. You're ready to capture your latest project. Having quality images to showcase your hard work is so important! Whether it's a renovation project or a new build - let's get you set up with the types of images that best showcase the story behind your work. 

You're Here Because...

My experience of working with other designers and architects, tells me that you probably already have some ideas in mind that are important to you to have photographed. That's amazing! 

With every project, I invite you to sit down and share the goals you want to achieve through the photography - either from a broad stroke perspective, or getting right down to the tiny details that tie it all together. Let's collaborate and draft out a shot list of what you really need and want. 

The Experience

Photography fees will be based on the specific project scope, project location, and anticipated on-site photography coverage required. Photography fees are invoiced based on coverage and whether it is a partial-day, full day, or multi-day event in relation to the project size and the desired quantity of the final gallery collection. 

Location + Coverage Time

Depending on the level of diversity you need in your images, in terms of both quantity and specifics like the time of day... (if you need morning shots as well as evening, etc.,) we'll plan out the details before shoot day and get you what you need. And of course, you know we're going to have some fun along the way! 

Let's have some fun!

Session Details

• How Are Galleries Delivered?

All collections are delivered through an online gallery with high resolution downloads and optimized web-sized downloads. The gallery is easy to use and share with others as needed. 

Interior / Design Photography projects are quoted based on your specific needs and the anticipated amount of photography coverage required (partial-day, full-day, or multi-day coverage). Let's hop on a call together or meet up to discuss the project and get you set up for what you need.

Depending on the scope of work, we can chat big picture items, or get right into the specifics and details that you'd like included in your photos. With my background in architecture & design, I'm here to help bring your project to life through photographs that showcase your project in the best light. 

• How Are Projects Priced?

"I couldn’t be happier with the images"

"I’ve hired Jenn for a number of events... She is very professional, a ton of fun to work with, on top of her amazing photography! I couldn’t be happier with the images Jenn is able to capture and I look forward to hiring her again for important occasions in my life and beyond."

Aaron pollock

"Jenn is amazing! She is always professional, has the greatest ideas, and enough energy to make any length of shoot fly by! We had so much fun with her and loved the photos. Thanks again Jenn!"

"We had so much fun with her and loved the photos..."

Shannon loewen

"She made us feel comfortable during our session to a point where my boyfriend felt like he could be himself, and I agreed wholeheartedly. Jenn has little games and activities for you to do and think about while she captures you, and I think this is so unique. What I love most about our new photos is everything..." 

 "I highly recommend her for your photography needs!
Thanks for everything, Jenn!"

diana + ryan

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