5 Reasons for Sunset Photos

This is why your photographer loves golden hour…

I’m going to guess that you’ve probably heard one photographer or another rave about this magical time of day called golden hour… right? So what’s the big deal with it? Why do we love sunset photos? What is golden hour anyway? Keep reading to find out!

I know, I know, you’re probably thinking oh sure Jenn, MORE PHOTOS! But believe me, this blog post will help paint the picture for why you should consider sneaking out for just a few minutes on your wedding day for a few sunset photos! 

First things first – golden hour is the time of day where the sun is setting, the ambient light is warmer, and we have those gorgeous golden tones filling the sky. Golden hour makes everything dreamier, more romantic, and softer. So why should you take 15 minutes away from dinner and sneak out for even more photos? 

1. Sunset Photos Have A Magical Quality

Golden hour will have a quality of light that will be unlike any other part of your wedding day. If the sun is out and there aren’t too many clouds blocking the sun – those beautiful golden rays will create magical lighting that will make everything extra special. During sunset with the sun lower on the horizon, we are able to capture those golden highlights around you. Typically when we do your couples photos earlier in the day, we will likely be photographing in the middle of the day. This means everything is going to be a lot brighter and there likely won’t be this gorgeous, warm, moody feeling.

2. Sunset Photos means You’ll Be More Relaxed…

As your wedding day winds down, after you’ve said your ‘I dos’, you’ll notice you’ll likely be feeling a lot more relaxed. All the big things are done. So yes, this is the perfect time for a few more photos! You’ll be ready for those genuine big smiles. All of those butterflies from earlier in the day will have subsided. You’re in party mode, ready to enjoy the evening with your favourite humans by your side.

The later part of your wedding day is usually planned with more buffer time. It’s not as critical for everything to happen right at a specific time. If dinner goes an extra 20 minutes, no one is going to complain! With a more relaxed timeline in the evening, you’ll also be feeling more relaxed!

3. Take It All in With Sunset Photos…

Your wedding day will likely be pretty busy. Whether you’re having an intimate gathering or a large celebration, either way there is going to be a lot going on during the day. It’s true. Most wedding days will fly by faster than you think. You deserve to slow down for a few minutes and enjoy all the beauty your day has given you. Golden hour is the perfect time to sneak out with your love and relax for a few minutes. If you’re reception is somewhere scenic, it’s the perfect time to take it all in, to literally watch the sunset together on your wedding day is pretty darn magical!

4. Your Guests Will be Fine Without You…

When I say 10-15 minutes is all we need, I really mean it! This can be a short and sweet slip out from your reception. And honestly, if we do this while your guests are having dinner or in between waiting for dessert while the slower eaters are munching away, no one will notice you’ve slipped out for a few minutes! You’re guests will be too busy chatting with their table or heading to the bar for a refill before the next activities ramp up! 

Couples photos summer backyard wedding in mantioba

5. Catch Up with Your Photographer

Another reason to do a quick sunset session is to give us one last chance to do a few more portraits of you looking your best, ya know – before you go and get sweaty on the dance floor! Additionally, if there is anything that we may not have had time to do earlier in the day, now is our chance to catch up. We can make sure we’ve captured everything that’s important to you and get a few last relaxed and loved up moments photographed with your best friend. 

If you’re not sure what time golden hour is for your wedding day – just let me know! We’ll double check sunset times for your specific day of the year and help you plan out your day to accomodate it. If you’re looking for even more in depth planning for your wedding day – be sure to check out the Wedding Timeline Planner Guide. This is a great tool to download and to help you plan out your entire wedding day timeline.

Taking time to do a few sunset photos is also something really beautiful to add to your wedding album. These are often some of the more romantic photos we’ll capture on your wedding day and definitely worth the few extra minutes to create them together.

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