I'll also say that I truly strive to work with humans that share the same values as me. So if you're a pet person, we're already jiving real well my friend.

But hey. Let's go deeper for a second here okay? Life is beautiful, it's messy, and sometime's it's just plain hard. But through the sticky chapters of life, we all have these slivers of magic that make everything shimmer - those reasons we all get out of bed in the morning.

These golden nuggets in life give us our favourite memories. And one day... our memories will fade and the photographs we have will be what remains. 

THIS is why I believe photography is so special and why I strive to photograph each of your stories with intention and integrity. If you're ready to have a photography experience with someone that truly wants to put your best interests at heart and treat your moments as she would her very own - you've come to the right place. 

About the 'why'...

I'll be honest here... I'm really hoping that you are also a cool & crazy cat / dog person... because then you'll be sure to understand my mild obsession with our two fur babes - aka, our grumpy feline Mr. Cash and our sweet muppet goldendoodle, Ollie.

To say that we are in desperate need of a robot vacuum would be an understatement. If you also struggle with nonstop pet infused tumbleweeds in your home, I think we are destined to be good friends! Right?

Hi, I'm Jenn!

well hey there...




Winnipeg Photographer

You want photos that tell your story with real intention and images that feel true to you. Nothing forced. Right?

You want to work with someone who's not afraid to have a laugh, who'll join you for a tasty local pale ale, and deep down... you know you just want to have a relaxed, stress-free and amazing photography experience.

In a world where everything is instantaneous, digital, and maybe just a little too fast most of the time... taking time to pause and celebrate your season of life means everything. 

The next step I encourage you to consider after our photography session - is to turn your favourite photos into physical prints, something you can actually hold on to and enjoy in your home every single day. 

All galleries are delivered with a built-in online store where you can order everything from Fine Art Prints, matted frames, to boutique hand-pressed albums - just to name a few. If you're wanting help with the design layout of an album, reach out! I'd love to put my graphic design skills to work for you!

Why photos should matter to you too.

photos are pieces of your story... 

You can probably find me doing one of the following... 

  • Getting my hands dirty in the backyard garden
  • Making a mess in the kitchen for Stephen to clean up
  • Taking Ollie for a walk along the river
  • Enjoying a pale ale at home or on the patio 
  • Scheming up the next project for our house 
  • Breaking up one of Cash & Ollie's daily wrestling matches 

When I'm not obsessing over everything related to photography...

In my free time...

"If you're considering Jenn as your photographer for anything, you won't regret it."

chelsea + jon

"Jenn is an absolute gem. We aren't planners... she helped make things run smoothly for us and gave us lots of much appreciated guidance. She made us feel comfortable in front of the camera (unusual for both my husband and I) and produced beautiful images that we will be able to cherish for years to come."

"We were mesmerized by Jenn’s photography style..."

Daniela + dakota

"We were mesmerized by Jenn’s photography style and chose her as our wedding photographer. Jenn was pleasant to work with, and captured precious moments of our day in a candid and beautiful manner. We couldn’t be more happy with the photos: the composition of each frame, lighting, and level of detail are superb. Jenn was also very helpful with advice on location and timeline. Highly recommended!"

Meghan + Ray

"We hired Jenn for both our winter engagement photos as well as spring wedding and are absolutely thrilled that we chose New Copper Photography! The pictures are beautiful and Jenn was such a pleasure to work with. Typically my husband and I are the "avoid the camera" types so nerves were high, but she calmed us down, gave wonderful prompts to make things look a bit more natural, and really helped ease the stress on our wedding day!"

 "I highly recommend New Copper Photography and will definitely continue to use her services!"

what clients are saying

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