Engagement Photos with Your Pets

A Guide to Relaxed Photos with Your Furbabes

Hey engaged couple / pet parent! Ready to dive into some tips that will help make your engagement photos with your pets an absolute blast? If you’ve been thinking about including your pets in your photo session, this blog post is for you! Come check out our top tips for a fun AND relaxed photo session!

Winnipeg Engagement Photo Session with Pets
Engagement Photos At Patricia Beach, Manitoba

Tip 1: Your Engagement Session with you pets – Will be All About Going with the Flow…

Let’s kick things off by saying, “Go with the Flow. Starting your engagement photo session with an open mind and easygoing attitude allows everyone to relax! I know that you want gorgeous and genuine moments with your fur babe! You want to see photos that reflect your unique connection, I get it! It’s always best to let go of expectations or that Pinterest idea that you have in the back of your mind. Instead, let’s allow your session to unfold as naturally as possible! I promise it will be more fun tat way! Plus, I’ll be there to guide you every step of the way making sure we get you a beautiful collection of engagement photos with your pets!

The Power of Pre-Session Exercise: If your pet typically has a lot of energy – especially your canine companions – it can be extremely helpful to take them for a long walk or playtime before the photo shoot. This helps them burn off excess energy, ensuring a calmer and more focused presence during the session. It’s also a good idea to come to the location a little bit early so they have a chance to take in the surroundings, sniff things out, and get used to the spot!

Engagement Photos at BirdsHill Park, Manitoba

Tip 2: Consider Having A Pet-Helper Behind the Scenes During Your Engagement Session

Got a friend willing to be the designated pet-sitter? It’s a game-changer! Having someone on standby to whisk away your furry friend at the right moment allows you and your partner to steal some intimate solo shots. If your dog is anything like mine, they are pretty good but maybe they don’t always listen to every instruction. Sound about right? Which can mean getting tangled in a leash or feeling anxious if they’re not front and centre.

Having a pal on hand can help us out! Near the end of the session they can meet up with us and take your fur babe for a little break, giving us a 10-15 minutes for some time alone for photos with just the two of you! This way you don’t need to worry about leashes etc., and you can relax knowing that your little furbabe is having a good time with someone you trust.

Tip 3: Bring Your Pet’s Favourite Treats

Treats aren’t just for good behaviour; they’re your secret weapon! Bring your fur baby’s favourite treats to keep their attention and maybe even capture that adorable head tilt we all love! Of course, this will totally depend on your unique pet and if they are food motivated. In my experience, I’ve seen it be super helpful for many engagement photos with couples and their pets!

Couples Photos At Home in Winnipeg

Tip 4: Consider the Location Vibes for your Pet Engagement Photos

Lets pick a photo location where your pets will feel comfortable. Familiar surroundings like the neighbourhood park you always go to – can help reduce stress triggers, allowing your furbabes to be themselves. Choosing the right location for your pet 100% ensures a more relaxed photo session experience for all of you! Again, this will depend on your unique pet. If they do well in new surroundings, sure – lets go on adventure! Either way, we’ll tailor your session to your unique pet.

Tip 5: Timing is Everything for Your Engagement Photos with your Pets

Golden hour doesn’t have to just be for humans! Scheduling your photo session with your pets during the golden hours – early morning or late afternoon / early evening – is often the most beautiful light for an outdoor session. If you’re not sure about what the ideal timing is, let me know and I can suggest the best this for your session depending on the current season we’re in! If we’re planning an indoor session – we will still make sure we have decent amount of daylight, but we’ll have a bit more flexibility on the timing as we won’t be so directly involved with the sun.

Patricia Beach Engagement Photos
Winnipeg Engagement Photos with Pets

Tip 6: Candid Moments Are the Best!

Let your pets be their quirky selves! Those candid in-between moments where they do their own thing is always the best! And hey, let’s plan to include some of their favourite activities like a game of fetch for some action-packed shots! Play time is also great for a little energy release if they need a good run! Having a bit of playtime during your session allows for those truly natural moments to happen and these often make for your most favourite images!

Couples & Cats Photos
Engagement Photos with Cats
South Osborne Pet Engagement Session At Home

Tip 7: Props and Accessories for Your Photo Session

We can enhance the visual appeal of your photos by incorporating pet-friendly props like toys or blankets. These additions not only add a personalized touch but also create a cohesive look that ties everything in the session together.

Consider the colour pallet of everything from what you’re choosing to wear, to your pet’s leash or harness, or the room we’re ir! Feeling uncertain? Neutrals can go with literally anything and are always a safe bet if you’re not feeling confident in mixing and matching your colours.

Tip 8: Patience is Key

Take Your Time: Patience is key when working with animals. Know that we will always curate the session to your unique pet and their character and temperament. We will take as many breaks as needed to help ensure a relaxed atmosphere. I will never ask you to do something that feels uncomfortable. Keeping you and your pets feeling good, happy & safe is always my number one priority.

Couples Photo Session with Pets in Winnipeg
Winnipeg Engagement Photos at the Park with Pets
Winnipeg Engagement Session with Pets

I know your furbabes mean the whole world to you – which is why I know you want to include them in your engagement photos! These tips are your ticket to not just capturing beautiful moments, but also creating some new memories with you favourite four legged friends! Want to hear what a recent couple had to say? Check out Arpita & Matt’s Five Star Google Review about their experience HERE.

So! Are you ready for some Pawsome Engagement Photos? Let’s Chat! Click the link below for more information about booking your engagement session!

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