Tips for ‘Getting Ready’ Photos

Having ‘getting ready’ moments photographed on your wedding day means you can have the whole story of your special day captured. The start to your wedding day is going to be filled with beautiful memories and details. You’ll want to be able to remember and cherish in all the years to come. These types of photos are also so amazing to include in your Wedding Album. You’ve already spent many months and sometimes even years planning out your wedding day. Let’s make sure your ‘getting ready’ photos are part of the magic! Here are some of my tips for making your morning run smoothly and stress-free for gorgeous photos.

Natural Light is Best for ‘Getting Ready’ Photos

When you’re deciding on where everyone is getting ready, make sure you are choosing a location with windows and access to natural light. If you want your photos to feel natural and have your photographer be able to best document your morning, natural light is your best friend. Avoid choosing locations that are too small or too dark.

Think about how many people are getting ready together in the same space. Consider how much physical space you need to feel comfortable. If you’re renting a hotel room or Airbnb, consider the space you’ll have available to you. In some cases it might be ideal to book more than one room for accommodations. Everyone will have extra clothes and bags with them. Having the space for everyone to be able to get ready comfortably means less stress in the morning. If you’re having a more intimate wedding day and getting ready with just a few people, this will likely be easier to navigate than a wedding party of ten people.

Bridal Hairstyle

Salon / Barber Shop Photography ‘Getting Ready’ Tips

If you’re planning on going to a hair salon or a barber shop – consider the atmosphere of that specific location. There are lots of trendy locations around Winnipeg you can look into that will take group bookings. Another option is to hire a mobile stylist team that can travel to you. Either way, consider where you would like to start your morning. Consider how much space you need, and that the location fits your overall style for your day. If you’re having a team of mobile stylists, make sure to connect with them in the early days of your planning. This will help to make sure everyone is on the same page for timing and no one feels rushed. Having buffer times to help accomodate any last minute schedule changes or things falling behind is always ideal whenever possible. Here are a few stylists my clients have enjoyed working with in recent years!

Hair: Made Beauty Co.  /  @verdeavedasalonMade Beauty Co. Hair by Reine  / Lisa School Hairstylist 

Makeup: Emma Julian Artistry@jelartistry@starksartistry

Wedding party 'Getting Ready'

Photography Tips for Your ‘Getting Ready’ Location

Keep your ‘getting ready’ location tidy and free of clutter from things like water bottles, snacks, extra clothes, etc. If you’re having a larger wedding party, consider asking someone in the group to be in charge of tidying up any clutter before your photographer arrives. Your friends and family are there to help you have an amazing day. It’s okay to ask for their help. You don’t need to think about everything. 

Another tip for your morning is to consider what your wedding party is going to wear as they are getting ready together before they put on their wedding day clothes. Some wedding parties like to include matching robes or custom shirts. Depending on the timing of your day, you might also want to ask someone to coordinate snacks for while you’re getting ready. It’s always a good idea to make sure everyone has had something to eat before the big day kicks off!

Bride Getting Ready at the Ralph Connor House
Ralph Connor House – Getting Ready

Include Your Favourite People in Your ‘Getting Ready’ Photos

You might be having a smaller intimate wedding, with or without a wedding party. Either way, your ‘getting ready’ photos can still be a time for you to include your favourite humans. If you want to make sure that your parents or you best friend can be with you in the morning, let’s make it happen! This is your day! Let’s plan to create those moments and invite your people to join you in the morning. Consider if you want to have a first look with your wedding party, or other family members. Do you want your parents to see you first? Let’s plan it out together!

Wedding Party Cheers

Photographing Special Details While ‘Getting Ready’

The start of your wedding day is the perfect time to capture the smaller bits and pieces. What’s important to you? Did you gift your partner special jewellery or are there other meaningful tokens, wedding invites / stationery, wedding rings, etc., that you’d like photographed? Making sure we schedule this in the morning is the best time for it. The rest of your day will be a whirlwind of activity and celebration. This is something that can be planned a few days before the wedding. Put all the details you’d like photographed in the same location like a bag or box. Have it ready for when your photographer arrives so you don’t need to think about finding anything while you’re busy getting ready.

Wedding Stationery Details

‘Getting Ready’ & Gift Giving or Exchanging Notes

Over the years, one of the trends that has become super sweet in my opinion, is when partners choose to exchange notes with each other before the ceremony. If you also like this idea, you can make the exchange before the wedding day and agree to wait to open during your wedding day morning. This can be a really lovely thing to do if you want to share some last words with each other before you say ‘I do’. Some couples also like to give small gifts to each other. In some cases, parents might also have special gifts to give you. The photos of these little details are something you’ll enjoy looking back on in the years to come.

gold heart necklace

Make Your Wedding Day Morning Intentional

Give yourself time to enjoy your morning. Wedding days are busy! Schedule in time to have a photo with Mom or have a celebratory drink with your best friend. Make your day how you want it to be. Again, adding in a bit of extra buffer time in your morning will help you relax and take deeper breaths. You can slow down and know that you have enough time relax a little and take in your morning however you’d like.

Groomsmen getting ready at the Ralph Connor House
Wedding Party Getting Ready at the Ralph Connor House

Timing Things Out for Your Wedding Day

During the ‘getting ready’ part of your day and depending on how flexible your schedule is, you might want to get photos of the wedding party getting ready together at the same time. This is a great opportunity to capture natural and candid moments with your favourite humans. It also gives everyone a chance to start to feel comfortable in front of the camera. Getting everyone together means everyone needs to know your wedding day timeline and be ready to be on time for you. Keep your wedding party in the loop as you plan out your day. Avoid conflict by giving everyone the schedule well in advance of the wedding day.

Take A Moment for Solo Wedding Portraits

Let’s plan a few minutes in the morning to take a few solo portraits. It’s a time to slow down and soak it all in before you say ‘I do’. Solo portraits in the morning often have a very special feeling to them, unlike any other parts of the wedding day. So let’s take a few moments and capture the magic of you!

Don’t forget. Your photographer is here to help you map out an intentional and stress-free day. If you’re feeling unsure about how much time you need between the different events for your wedding photography – just ask us! We are more than happy to help you with your wedding day planning! Check out our free Wedding Day Timeline Planner for help with mapping out your wedding day!

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