Plan an Intentional Wedding Day

Tips for Planning A Meaningful & Intentional Wedding Day

Congratulations! You’re getting married! This is an exciting time and planning your wedding should be a joyous and meaningful experience. One way to make your wedding day even more special is to plan intentional moments throughout your day with your partner, and, your family and friends. Here are a few tips on how to do just that!

Intention Starts with Your ‘Why’…

The first step to planning a wedding with intentional moments is to think about your “why.” Why are you getting married? What does this day mean to you and your partner? Answering this right of the hop can help you identify the moments that will be most important to you. These moments are also going to be the ones you’ll likely want to tell your photographer about. Knowing what matters the most to you, will help ensure you have a wedding gallery that showcases this.

For example, if your “why” is to start a new chapter in your lives together, you may want to plan a moment during the ceremony to symbolize this. Or, if your “why” is to celebrate your love and commitment, there may be a way for you to incorporate something special in your day that is unique to you and your relationship. Remember, this is your day. You get to call the shots. Do the things that are meaningful to you and let go of any so called ‘traditions’ that aren’t significant to you.

Intentional Wedding Moments - couples portraits

Make Time for Each Other

I’m going to be honest here. Planning a wedding can be stressful. It’s important to make time for each other amidst it all, through the countless e-mails and phone calls with family and friends and vendors. There’s a lot to think about! So. Setting aside time for each other is a great way to hep reduce any stress while panning it all. This can be as simple as scheduling regular date nights or taking a weekend away to relax and reconnect during the planning process leading up to your wedding. 

Set aside time to talk about your hopes, ideas, and dreams for your wedding day and share them with each other. This will not only help you plan intentional moments for your wedding day, but it can also strengthen your relationship. Being on the same page for your wedding plans will keep you both feeling more relaxed and in tune with each other.

Intentional Wedding day moments - a first look at the Ralph Connor House

Plan An Intentional Wedding Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony is the heart of your wedding day. It’s the perfect opportunity to plan intentional moments with your partner. Work with your officiant to create a ceremony that reflects your values and beliefs. Again, include the pieces that are important to you. Let go of anything that doesn’t resonate with you and your partner.

Consider incorporating personal touches, such as personal vows or readings that hold special meaning to you both. These moments will not only make your ceremony more meaningful, but it will also create memories that will last a lifetime. One way to include the special people in your life during the ceremony, is to ask them to provide a short reading. This can also be a lovely way to start your ceremony.

Wedding Ceremony, couple about to kiss with Confetti
Intentional wedding ceremony

Plan A First Look… (if you want to)

A first look is a private moment between you and your partner before the ceremony. This can be a special moment to share your excitement and calm your nerves before walking down the aisle.

During your first look, take a few minutes to soak in the moment and appreciate each other. This can be a beautiful and intimate moment that you’ll both cherish forever. You’re about to tie the knot and there’s no doubt that you’ll likely have just a few butterflies before you say the official, “I do”.

Intentional wedding day moments, couple holding hands

Make Time for Capturing the Photos That Matter

Wedding photos are a wonderful way to capture memories of your special day. To make the most of your photo time, plan intentional moments with your partner. Chat with your photographer about how much time you should consider allocating to couples portraits and the other family or wedding party group photos that are important to you. If the more candid photos are important to you as well, make sure you’re also giving enough time for those moments. Giving breathing room in your wedding day schedule will help ensure you stay relaxed, and your photographer has the time to capture the types of moments that you love.

Don’t forget, your photographer will have lots of tips and planning advice to help you make sure you have a day that flows easily and is timed out well so you can just relax and enjoy it to the fullest. Want some help right away? Take a peek at our free Wedding Day Timeline Planner, a road map to help you plan a day that is perfect for you.

Intentional Wedding Moments - Make time for couples portraits

Plan A Meaningful Wedding Reception

Your wedding reception is a time to celebrate with your loved ones, but it’s also an opportunity to plan intentional moments with your partner. Consider incorporating special traditions or activities that hold meaning for you both.

For example, you could have a special dance or toast, play a slideshow of the story of your relationship, or have a photo booth with props that represent your interests and personalities. These moments will not only make your reception more fun and memorable but also reflect your unique relationship.

Intentional Wedding Moments -Sparkler send off
Intentional Wedding Day Moments

End The Night with A Private Moment

As your wedding day comes to a close, plan a private moment with your partner to reflect on the day and celebrate your love. This could be a moment alone sneaking out at sunset for a few last photos together. Or it could be a walk outside under the stars. Whatever you decide, take a few minutes to appreciate the day you’ve shared with each other. Take time to pause and look forward to your exciting future!

Planning a wedding with intentional moments can make your special day even more meaningful and memorable. If you’re looking for even more wedding planning tips, check out the other blog posts here!

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